An overview of our services...

Benefits from our integrated consultancy onto our 6-step-success method.

1. step: Preparation of requirement specification

2. step: Analysis of initial situation (market, competitors, customer requests, trends)

3. step: Mapping out a strategy

4. step: Marketing- & sales concept

5. step: Professional implementation with project management (on customer request)

6. step: Performance measurement


Our integrated consultancy leads you to more turnover, profit and new customers.

Our service portfolio as a modular system results you in more success. An advantage for you is our integrated consultancy from the analysis up to implementation from one hand.

That stands for you: time saving by external project management and implementation, use of additional resources, focusing on daily business work, compliance with meeting of one´s deadlines and keeping to the budget, return on invest by compliance with targets. Furthermore you benefit from our current consultancy know-how and our knowledge of up-to-date method application.

Benefit from our services:

  • Market research
  • Market study
  • Telemarketing
  • Strategic consultancy
  • Marketing plan
  • Marketing-Outsourcing
  • Project management
  • Sales training & coaching
  • Lectures